Planning your Trip

Don’t let travelling stress you out! Having a basic plan in place before you leave or even pack can be really helpful, especially if you are organising a large group or are travelling with people that require extra attention, like children or those that require special assistance.

We like to be helpful at Prestwick Airport Guide, so we have provided a few basic lists with things for you to consider when planning your trip. We hope it helps!

Before You Leave for the Airport

  • Be sure to pack your passport, any necessary visas, ESTAs/ETAs, tickets and travel money in your hand luggage
  • Refrain from packing banned items in your hand luggage. Head over to our security page if you are unsure what qualifies as a banned item
  • Taking medication? Make sure it’s in its original packaging and with a Doctors Note if possible. Security might request to see one if you are carrying large amounts of medication or needles for example

Getting to the Airport

  • Don’t be the person running through the terminal! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport; it’s better to have an extra hour to relax than being the red-faced person holding up the plane..!
  • Help yourself by pre-planning how you’ll get to the airport and, if necessary, the route you will need
  • Driving yourself to the airport? Book your airport parking in advance to save those ££!
  • Being dropped off? Ensure they know where the short-stay parking is located
Planning your trip - Prestwick Airport

At the Airport

  • Keep your luggage on you at all times and be sure to report anything suspicious you come across
  • Refrain from looking after baggage belonging to someone else or carrying anything onto the aircraft for them
  • Keep an eye on the flight departures board for gate open times and to be informed of any delays

In the Air

  • Easier said than done, but try and sleep if you’re flying long haul
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Get up and walk around to keep your legs active, especially if flying long haul
  • Reduce the risks of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) by wearing flight socks, taking a low dose of aspirin and moving about every so often during your journey

Travelling with Children

Planning your trip - Prestwick Airport
  • You might need a separate list for this one! You can take baby food and milk, but be aware that you can take enough as is needed for the duration of the journey
  • Pack distractions! Snacks, drinks, colouring books and crayons work a treat
  • Make sure all of the children’s passports are easily accessible in your hand luggage

Disabled Travellers

Passengers requiring special assistance can obtain information, tips, guides and support from our: disabled facilities page.