Glasgow Prestwick Airport Shops

As the airport is only small, you'll only find one shopping opportunity before your flight! Needless to say, should you be looking to pick up a few holiday items at the airport, or you simply have a couple of minutes to browse before your flight, Prestwick Airport's shopping facility will have something for everyone.

Prestwick airport shop

Shops Available at the Airport

Nuance Group

The Nuance Group houses some great opportunities to purchase some holiday gifts at Prestwick Airport.
From cigarettes and alcohol to cosmetics, perfume and snacks, you're sure to find something to treat yourself to!

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Prestwick Airport Duty Free

Do you need any clarification on your allowances before you start shopping in duty-free at Prestwick Airport? Confused about the new Brexit rules? We've got you covered! Read on below and we'll explain the new rules!

Prestwick Duty Free Locations

Nuance is located after security in the Departure Lounge as you come in! It is open for all international and domestic departures.

New Duty-Free Rules

The UK has officially left the EU and this means that some changes are taking place and one of those changes are new rules regarding duty-free allowances. But don't panic! There is still a substantial amount you're allowed to bring back to the UK. Below we explain all the new rules and what this means for you.

When you're coming into the UK with duty-free goods, you have to ensure that they are only for you. It can either be for personal use or given away to a friend or family member as a gift. You need to remember that you must not go over the set allowance. But if you do, then you need to declare the goods before you land in the UK, in whichever category they fit. We will go over the different categories and their set allowances below.

Alcohol Allowance

You may bring in a considerable amount of alcohol! The set allowances are:

Prestwick Alcohol Allowance

Tobacco Allowance

For tobacco allowance, there is a sizable amount allowed too! You can bring:

Prestwick Tobacco Allowance

Alcohol and tobacco allowances if you're under 17

If you fall under the age of 17, then you are not given a personal duty-free allowance. But if you still wished to purchase duty-free items then you may do so, but you'd have to pay duty and tax on it before arriving in the UK.

Allowance for other goods

You might be wanting to bring some other goods into the UK and the good news is that you can bring up to £390 duty-free! But if you wished to bring more, then you'd have to tax and duty on the full amount of other goods, not just the amount that's gone over the limit. So, we recommend that you try not to over the allowance allowed!