Prestwick Airport Arrival Information

Prestwick Airport has one main terminal which handles a small selection of airlines. Car hire companies can be located in the terminal as you come through the walkway, while rail and bus tickets can also be purchased here. Taxi stands can be found at the front of the terminal building. You can find the free shuttle bus service which runs between the terminal building and Prestwick Intl Airport, 1.5 miles away. The journey takes about 10 minutes within normal traffic conditions.

The Prestwick Airport Station is located at the heart of the airport complex. Skylinks connects terminals at Prestwick to the upper level of the railway station. The Skylinks uses moving walkways and lifts/escalators at the terminals for easy access to all levels. For more information on transport to and from the airport see our transport section.


Pick Up Information for Glasgow Prestwick Airport

Picking up at Prestwick is simple. They have a dedicated pick-up area in car park 1 which is located conveniently opposite the terminal building. You’ll be charged £2 for the first half an hour, £4 for an hour, and £6 for between one and two hours. If you'll be using the sat nav to reach the airport, then use the postcode KA9 2PL! Contactless payments can be made at the car park exit barrier or at the car park pay stations.

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What are some of the changes to arrivals due to Brexit?

As Brexit has officially taken place now and the UK is no longer part of the EU, you will notice some changes when you arrive at the airport. Some of these changes include:

  • Removal of the EU lane, which will now be replaced with “goods to declare” or "nothing to declare"
  • If you’re an EU citizen, you will still be asked to have your ID checked like before and might also be asked about the purpose of your journey.
  • If you’re an EU citizen not living in the UK, you could now be required to have a “permitted paid engagement” visa if you’re coming to the UK for work reasons

Please note that, though these are some of the changes, we recommend that you always check the rules before booking as they could be ever-changing.