Glasgow Prestwick Airport Parking

There are a number of Prestwick Airport parking options available if you drive to the airport. You can run a quote using the widget below to find out how much you can save by booking in advance and compare parking options. If you'll be using the sat nav to reach the airport, then use the postcode KA9 2PL!

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Prestwick Airport Parking Information

At Prestwick Airport, there are three car parks that you can use, with all of them being at the airport so very easy to access as they're only a minutes walk from the terminal building! In Car Park one and two, disabled travellers will find larger disabled bays. They can use the pick-up and drop off points for free for the first 30 minutes! But you must remember to take your ticket to the car park desk to get it validated otherwise you will have to pay the regular tariff.

Prices quoted below are known to be correct as of February 2022.

Car Park One

Duration Gate Prices
1 Day £38.00
2 Days £55.00
3 Days £69.00
4 Days £81.00
5 Days £92.00
6 Days £103.00
7 Days £113.00
8 Days £122.00
Per day there after £8.50

* Blue Badge holders are permitted up to 30 minutes free to pick up and drop off – present your Blue Badge at our Information desk in the terminal building to validate your ticket. Stays longer than 30 minutes will be subject to our normal car park rates.

Car Park Two

Duration Gate Prices
1 Day £34.00
2 Days £41.00
3 Days £61.00
4 Days £70.00
5 Days £80.00
6 Days £89.00
7 Days £97.00
8 Days £105.00
Per day there after £7.50

Drop offs/Pick ups and Parking

You can find the pick-up/drop-off point located in Car Park 1, which is just past the terminal building. Contactless payments can be made at the car park exit barrier or at the car park pay stations. You can find the drop-off prices here:
Time Gate Prices
Up to 60 mins £4.00
1-2 Hours £7.50
2-4 Hours £13.00
4-12 Hours £19.00
12 – 24 hours £31.00