Airport Parking at Prestwick Airport

There are a number of parking options available if you drive to Prestwick airport. Choose from the options below to find the cheapest parking for you.

Prestwick Airport Parking - Short Stay

Short Stay Parking

Up to 5 minutes FREE
5 - 15 minutes £1.50
15 - 30 minutes £3.50
30 - 60 minutes £4.00
1 - 2 hours £7.00
2 - 4 hours £10.00
4 - 12 hours £14.00
12 - 24 hours £18.00
Additional 24 hours or part thereof £18.00

Short-stay parking is ideal for stays of under 24 hours. Prices aren't cheap, so it's lucky that you can pre-book the short stay car park to save money. (Please book at least 24hrs in advance)

The short stay car parks are positioned at a convenient short walking distance from the terminal building, of only 1 - 2 minutes. Very good for travellers who want a faster and more convenient trip.

Disabled travellers will find larger disabled bays in all the car parks. They can use the Pick up and drop off point for free for 30 minutes instead of just 10 minutes, you must remember to take your ticket to the car park desk to get it validated otherwise you will have to pay the regular tariff.

Prestwick Airport Parking - Mid Stay


Mid-stay parking at Prestwick is ideal for passengers parking their car for only a couple of days.

The two mid-stay car parks are located a short bus journey from the terminal. Parking charges start from £30 for 3 days of parking.

It is possible to book mid-stay parking on the day but it is advisable to book well in advance to ensure availability.

Tel: +44 (0)870 013 4999

Prestwick Airport Parking - Long Stay

Long-stay parking is ideal for passengers wishing to use the car park for over 4 days. Prices start at £30 for 3 days.

The long-stay car parks are a short bus ride from the terminal building, and buses are frequent.

It is possible to book long-stay parking on the day but it is advisable to book well in advance to ensure availability.

Tel: 03712 222 883