Top Must see European Destinations from Prestwick Airport

We all love a good getaway, don’t we? Whatever your tastes are, party-rocking or family-friendly, we have the destination for you. Prestwick Airport only travels to 16 destinations and we’ve narrowed it down to our top 4 must-see places in Europe for a bit of #travelinspo.

From party-central Ibiza to colourful Barcelona, you’re sure to have a great holiday from Prestwick.

Let’s escape the glooomy British skies for somewhere a little sunnier!

Number 1: Rome

Rome is an incredible cultural and foodie hub – it had to be our number 1. Make sure to schedule your time and book tickets in advance to get into the main attractions. We recommend trying real Italian pizza and taking a trip to the Colosseum!

  • Temp in summer: 32°C
  • Temp in winter: 5°C
  • Flight time: 3 hrs 10 on a direct flight (connecting flights can take 6 hrs)
  • Best thing to see: Vatican and the Colosseum
  • ‘Hello’ in Italian: ‘Bonjourno’ or ‘Ciao’

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Number 2: Malta

Malta is the ideal island trip away next season. Walk along the promonade at sunset with the family, take a day trip to neighbouring islands and enjoy a glass of something special while you look out across a flawless Mediterranean.

  • Temp in Summer: 31°C
  • Temp in winter: 9°C
  • Flight time: 3 hr 45 (direct)
  • Best thing to see: Saint John’s Cathedral in Valletta
  • ‘Hello’ in Maltese: they often say ‘hello’ in english, or you can try ‘Bonġu!’ meaning ‘good morning’

Number 3: Barcelona

Not one to miss in 2019! Barcelona makes a great city break or week long trip from Prestwick Airport. It’s usually sunny so a beach day is always on the cards. If culture is more your thing then we recommend visiting the historical quarter, Sagrada Familia and Park Guelle.

  • Temp in Summer: 30°C
  • Temp in Winter: 7°C
  • Flight time: 2 hr 40 (direct)
  • Best thing to see: Sagrada Família and Park Guelle
  • ‘Hello’ in Spanish: ‘Hola’

Number 4: Ibiza

It’s hard not to think of Ibiza as purely a nightlife destination, but there’s some amazing beaches to visit, great weather all year round and many family-friendly hotels too. Ibiza is the best of both worlds.

  • Temp in Summer: 26°C
  • Temp in Winter: 8°C
  • Flight time: 3 hr (direct)
  • Best thing to see: Nightlife and beaches
  • ‘Hello’ in Spanish: ‘Hola’

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