‘Roads blocked’ by airport visitors

Parking costs at Prestwick Airport are so high that many travellers are opting to leave their cars on the streets, much to the dismay of local residents. The issue is not a new one, having been passed from consultant to councillor for over two years, but householders recently renewed their efforts to unclog residential roads.

According to the South Ayrshire Council, all parking-related offences are the domain of the police force. Councillors have nevertheless earmarked £100,000 to solve Prestwick’s congestion problems, whilst urging the airport to reduce parking costs, and help improve an ‘utterly ridiculous’ situation,

Residents called into question the dedication of local traffic wardens, who have let rule-breakers go without so much as a stern word. Prestwick’s householders have also asked the council to keep an eye on roads susceptible to stationary traffic, in a bid to prevent further violations by airport travellers.

Local councillor, Helen Moonie, was incredulous – ‘It costs less to fly on holiday than park at the airport for two weeks. That’s the real problem. I’ve even heard of examples where people park in the street and then catch a cab to the airport.’

The airport is currently selling parking spaces for up to £70 per fortnight, depending on whether the customer books in advance. A pre-booked space is around £10 cheaper. Mrs. Moonie warned that congestion could become uncontrollable if the problem was left untended.

South Ayrshire Council has already attempted to alleviate the concerns of residents by conducting research into parking behaviour around the airport. The final report, which recommended a number of changes to local parking laws, was not well received by residents, and many felt that the council did not attempt to back up its promises with tangible results.

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