Prestwick weathers fog fiasco

Woolly hats are back in fashion again, after the British weather took a turn for the worst over the weekend. Snow flurries, heavy rain and blanket fog have caused chaos up and down the country, with many UK airports encountering long delays.

Edinburgh and Glasgow airports were forced to concede to stubborn fog on Friday – ten flights were redirected to Prestwick, but delays continued to mount up. Planes from Liverpool and Stornoway, a small town on the Isle of Lewis, and distant Southampton have also found their way to the Ayrshire airport. Prestwick has been asked to prepare for more arrivals. Flights from Scotland to London were similarly affected, after fog sneaked into Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

Meteorologists noted that temperatures were as low as minus seven in Aberdeenshire, with more cold weather expected over the coming days. Snowfall continues to pester the north of England.

Low temperatures, and an absence of strong winds have compounded the problems experienced by Glasgow and Edinburgh, as fog will not move unless it is evaporated or blown away.

Prestwick enjoys relatively clear skies all year round, however, making it a perfect haven for planes stuck in the mist. Iain Cochrane, boss at Prestwick, was unfazed by the change in the weather – “Our staff are doing an excellent job in helping passengers get to their destinations with minimal inconvenience.”

Edinburgh Airport has advised all travellers to be prepared for delays. Please contact your airline directly if you have any concerns about your flight.

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