A flight to Europe or a flight to outer space?

After much planning and deliberation, Scotland has taken another step towards sending flights into orbit! Prestwick Airport have teamed up with two companies – one a space plane firm and the other a launch vehicle designer – to help this space mission become a reality.

A senior member of the team told Scotland Now that "We already have the vast majority of the infrastructure in place and with as little as £1 million investment we could be up and running.” The manned flights, which will be taking place in a XCOR’s Lynx space craft, will take passengers to the edge of space.

The sub-orbital flights will be the first ever to take off from the UK. The progress that has been made in recent weeks has been good for the UK government, who decided to scrap a competition to decide on the first spaceport earlier this year. We wish you all the luck, Prestwick Airport!

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